A Day Out in Bicester
Orme Creative in Bicester have masterminded the creation of the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry website – so our thanks go out to them. The team there of Karen, Tom and Nick have now talked us through the functionalities we need [or think we need at this launch stage!] and have made sure that we have them. Gordon Prestoungrange and Arran Johnston are now the webmasters from the project team. Funding has been provided by the Scottish Government’s Diaspora Division, to whom we are of course deeply grateful.

There are two main spheres on the website:

1. The areas of Public Access – readily open to any surfer arriving at the site, proactively sending Progress Updates to all those who ‘Subscribe’ to our NewsNet messages.

2. Members’ Only Area where matters of stitching concern and schedules are addressed. They are only available to those nominated by Yvonne Murphy and Gillian Hart. This area comprises:
[i] the FAQ zone; [ii] each Community’s own Blogosphere; [iii] The All Stitchers ‘General Interest’ Forum.

So our “Day Out in Bicester” was not, alas, at the Factory Shopping Mall for which it is famed, but rather for a briefing by Orme Creative to the Project Team. There may be issues to iron out as operations and feedback flow, but for the moment we’re off – and duly grateful for all Orme Creative have provided for us.

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