There’s progress aplenty as the project continues…

On the surface it may seem that we have gone a little quiet in the past few weeks, after the rush and excitement of the official launch and the great media interest that followed, but rest assured there’s been lots of activity happening behind the scenes!

The project team has been working non-stop to ensure that we gain enough momentum at this early stage of the project to drive it on to its ambitious goals. Much of this work has involved continued research and collation of contacts, following up some fascinating leads and exciting stories, and meeting with organisations and initiatives which share common goals and connections so that we can develop appropriate synergy!
And of course, we’ve been planning the next set of panels to be developed: Canada.

A whistle-stop tour of Canada in search of the Diaspora…

Places such as Canada offer a daunting challenge: with so much Scottish influence and connection, how can we make the Tapestry representative of the nation? That challenge falls to Yvonne Murphy and Gillian Hart, who have planned an itinerary which connects them with a broad range of individuals and communities stretching right across Canada in order to ensure that our coverage and research is as thorough as possible.

Rest assured that we will be posting full reports on their Canadian travels – due to start at the end of this month – as the news comes in!

And the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry is now on Facebook…

We’ve created a Facebook page to act as an early first point of contact. We still want most of the discussion and activity to happen here on the website itself – which is why we have created integrated message forums and blogs so that those involved can talk to each other and to us – but the Facebook page will certainly help in guiding people to us and letting them know where to find all the latest information. It will also help connect us to those with similar interests, and will no doubt also encourage people to share their Diaspora stories. So each medium will find a distinct role as the project develops!

If you are a Facebook user, then be sure to look for us here: Scottish Diaspora Tapestry

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