Corby stitchers host a progress meeting to show off their work!

On Thursday 7th November, team member Sylvia Porter travelled to Croby in Northamptonshire to see how things have been getting on. There she met with nine stitchers of the Corby embroiderers and marvelled at their work so far, reporting back with words such as “fantastic” and “very professional”. 
Amidst the cake and sandwiches, the meeting buzzed with questions and suggestions. Could additional details and relevant place names be added into panels? Were the stitchers free to add their own signature “tag”? Would it all be finished in time, and can the exhibition come to Corby? The answer to all these questions is of course “yes!”

Each of the panels is advancing at a different pace, the work is clearly well in hand and at least one is virtually complete (above).
We look forward to receiving the completed Corby panels by the middle of next month….

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