Stitchers in Prince Edward Island officially launch their part in the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry!

On 25th August 2013, a gathering was held at St Andrew’s Chapel on Prince Edward Island, Canada, to kick-start the next stage in their part of the Tapestry project – the stitching!
The event marked a modest episode in the story of this remarkable church! Constructed at St Andrews in 1804 by Father (later Bishop) Angus Bernard MacEachern, the building was later moved down the length of the frozen river, hauled by horses, to Charlottetown. After a fire in the late twentieth century the church was trucked back to St Andrews and restored. Such efforts make tapestry work seem straightforward, so what better place to host the local launch event?

Visitors, many from Scottish heritage organisations, were shown the designs for the Prince Edward Island panels and stitchers were duly recruited to the team. The panels themselves have since been travelling across the island as the stitchers work on them for a few weeks at a time.

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