As we start counting down to launch day, we ask ourselves “what are we missing and where are we going?”

The answer to the first question is simple: lots! We know all too well that the panels coming in to us ahead of our World Premier on 31st May only represent a fraction of the whole Diaspora story. We knew that all along: selecting (only!) 25 countries and a limited number of stories from within those countries meant that the stories of thousands upon thousands of Scots around the world would not be shown in the Tapestry. Hopefully – and we’re confident that this is often the case – those stories which are in the Tapestry go a considerable way to representing the bigger picture.

With all that in mind, we’ve made the inevitable decision that the story doesn’t end on 31st May. There’s always room for more!

So if you have a story you would like to help the Tapestry to tell in the future, then get in touch – as some of you already have!
You can download a form here:
So if that deals with what we are missing, then what about the question of where we are going?

That answer is also simple – to whichever corner of the globe wants to hear our stories and help us to tell it!
So if you’re willing to help us bring the Tapestry to your community, then let us know!
You can download a form here:

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