Veere – location of the 2nd Premiere for the Diaspora Tapestry – once again lends hands …

Presently Inverurie is the 44th exhibition the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry has given, appearing across three continents since 2014. Veere in The Netherlands always thought it would be a grand notion to have tags that collect the names of them all. Not just a notion of course but a volunteer for action – which Diny Louwerse has led. And it’s certainly a beautiful addition, enshrining the Veere tartan, to display at all future exhibitions, and of course to keep regularly up to date.

Thanks most sincerely from us all … and our very best wishes to all in Veere.

Veere, led by Hanneke Vroe, has never been far from the diaspora tapestry action …

They were the scene for the tapestry’s 2nd Premiere when the original 159 panels from the 2014 Homecoming Launch were added to the Apocrypha and BenchMark 2 collections to make the total we have today of 304 panels – all listed in the 2nd Edition of the Official Guide and on the APP.LOOK RIGHT HERE

Next, they drove the tapestry after that 2nd Premiere across the Alps to Barga for that exhibition, helping in its assembly there; and latterly they were then the victims of the theft of one of their panels at the St Giles Exhibition in Edinburgh [pleasingly returned with most sincere apologies by the one who carried it away!].LOOK RIGHT HERE

It’s certain we’ll hear more from Veere … but we’re still dreaming as to what that might be! Clearly The Mayor and many more have enjoyed their links with Scotland aplenty!

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