LK01 – David Sime Cargill

Stitchers (Paisley): Diana Ure, Margaret Scott

David Sime Cargill was born in Maryton near Montrose in 1826. He travelled to Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, and together with William Milne established a general warehouse, import and wholesale business in Colombo in 1844. This became the House of Cargill, later dubbed “The Harrods of the East”. It still thrives today with over 200 outlets. After Milne’s death in 1861 Cargill ran the business from Glasgow. In 1874 he made another visit to Ceylon, which also took him to Rangoon in Burmah. He purchased the Rangoon Oil Refinery, a small oil prospecting business. In 1886 this was renamed the Burmah Oil Company. He died in 1904.