Diaspora Tapestry exhibition opens face-to-face in Dundee10-Jun-2021

Verdant Works now open with blockbuster - Scottish Diaspora Tapestry Dundee Heritage Trust ..

District of Maine Panel finally completed - US0510-Jun-2021

There had to be a last panel arriving ..and it depicts Maine … … but it was of co..

Canada's 37 Panels heading to Chatham-Kent Ontario in October 202112-Jan-2021

Baldoon-Wallaceburg Stitchers to exhibit 'their' panel + 37 more from across Canada. Lord Selk..

Ontario and Western Australia both come up with new tales!20-Nov-2020

Exciting new panel stitched in Kent Ontario telling of Selkirk Settlement at Baldoon From Chath..

Kiwi's Mount Felix Tapestry to exhibit in Prestonpans February 26th/ March 11th30-Jan-2020

Poppy's Story - stitched by the New Zealand Women's Association in London (http://www.battleof..

Indeed sad to record that Embroiderer Extraordinare Rosemary Farmer has died05-Jun-2019

It is with deepest regret we relate the news to all who knew her that ROSEMARY FARMER has died. ..

Viking Warrior Althammer in Prestonpans recalled as Icelandic Panels arrive via Scottish Parliament05-Jun-2019

We have been taught that the original settlement in The Pans was by a Viking warrior who came well b..

Icelandic stitchers tell an ancient Diaspora Saga 27-Apr-2019

Icelandic Sagas retold from The Books of Settlements The Scottish Diaspora Tapestry has receiv..

World Class Living History Centre plans to include home for the tapestry18-Apr-2019

Vision for Victory Battle Trust 1745 commemorates a great Victory in Prestonpans Presto..

Diaspora Tapestry heads for New Lanark Mills: March 2nd/ April 28th 201902-Mar-2019

Scottish Diaspora Tapestry heads to New Lanark .. Open for All from March 2nd/..

Tapestry's Next Step: from History of Scotland to All Europe25-Nov-2018

Great History of Scotland's Permanent Home in The Borders is well on track .. and the next target is..

Plans being made to stitch 'missing' US05 panel - District of Maine07-Nov-2018

It's been a well kept secret … …. but now it can be told. One panel has never be..

Still looking for a Merseyside Exhibition venue. Any volunteers?12-Oct-2018

If only those TBC dates for Merseyside could be agreed, and a venue, all would be better! We..

Apologies for Early Closing of Cockenzie House Exhibition of Prestonpans Tapestry09-Oct-2018

Sincere Apologies to all who were disappointed We do apologise most sincerely to those who trav..

Veere Bouquet and Talisman Marks Come Ashore28-Aug-2018

The suggestion was a Talisman … wherever the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry was exhibited a fresh..

Early Warning Call! Friends of the Tapestry to convene Wednesday November 14th 6.30/ 8pm27-Aug-2018

This is an Early Warning Call please … we want as many 'Friends of the Tapestries' as possib..

What Wouldn't we do for Scotland book launch @ Garioch Heritage Centre22-Aug-2018

Inverurie Book Launch @ Garioch Heritage Centre Arran Johnston has been involved both as a sti..

A Bouquet from Veere .. to honour all exhibitions!16-Aug-2018

Veere - location of the 2nd Premiere for the Diaspora Tapestry - once again lends hands … ..

What Wouldn't we do for Scotland? 30-Jul-2018

Important and fascinating 'new' book on the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry Arran Johnston has been..

Prestonpans Battle Trust taking steps for permanent home for the Diaspora Tapestry25-Jul-2018

Most will know that since 2016 the Battle Trust in Prestonpans, which already has the original Prest..

Diaspora Tapestry heads to Garioch, Inverurie for the summer05-Jul-2018

Garioch Heritage Centre all set to stage tapestry display for Aberdeenshire: July 11th/ October 6th ..

Scottish Diaspora Tapestry opens at Stanley Mlls, Perth till June 28th09-Apr-2018

HES Welcomes Scottish Diaspora Tapestry to Stanley Mills near Perth (http://www.battleofpresto..

Carlisle Border Kirk hears and shares Scotland's diaspora tales12-Mar-2018

Snowy Drive Across The Border but Tapestry arrives on time! Congratulations to the Exhibition ..

Dunoon School Honour Their Own Tapestry Panel in Exhibition07-Feb-2018

The Spirit of the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry is alive and well this month in the Burgh Hall at Dunoo..

Schools' Panels from Tapestry and Final Project Report 12-Dec-2017

Schools contributed beautiful diaspora panels they had stitched whilst the full tapestry was exh..

On the money with Dr Elsie Inglis .... FR 0928-Nov-2017

Not all of us make regular use of a £50 bank note but just in case .... ... we are deli..

Diaspora Tapestry 'Selection' at Edinburgh Art Fair: November 201721-Nov-2017

Edinburgh Art Fair 2017 'Selection' on display .... from The Edinburgh Reporter .... One o..

MASTER PLAN published for future development @ Cockenzie and the 1745 Battlefield14-Nov-2017

MASTER PLAN for Cockenzie & 1745 Battlefield Published .. and linked here online It's signi..

Latest details of Scottish Diaspora Reunion Cruise August 201819-Oct-2017

More details are becoming available for this Cruise around the British Isles .... The fullest..

Irvine Tapestry Exhibition draws the crowds!11-Oct-2017

Diaspora tapestry enjoyed by hundreds in Irvine's beautifully restored TownHouse It's ope..

Why just gaze when you can cruise and talk and gaze?29-Sep-2017

Although we're never going to tire of gazing at and talking about the brilliance of the Scottish Dia..

Scottish Diaspora Tapestry will be in Irvine Town House in October20-Sep-2017

Irvine's new Town House Centre is hosting the Diaspora Tapestry from October 5th/ 18th .... ....

Diaspora Tapestry Heads NE for a Return to Helmsdale - with all 305 Panels!16-Aug-2017

Back to Helmsdale so they can see not 157 panels but now the full 305! It was October/ Novembe..

Reflections on the Tapestry's Two Year Global Tour: March 2015 - March 201712-Aug-2017

Jenny Bruce was responsible for the Global Tour from Norway/ Australia/ New Zealand/ Canada to Icela..

Prestonpans Battle Tapestry goes on display in Brittany at Lorient07-Aug-2017

Exhibition at Galerie du Faouedic [Palier ar Faouedig] opens in Lorient [An Oriant] for one month di..

Crieff Remembers with display of Scottish Diaspora Tapestry at Morrison's Academy till August 12th25-Jul-2017

Scottish Diaspora Tapestry in Crieff as Crieff Remembers The panel that went missing at St Gil..

Tapestry APP gives 24/7 viewing opportunities02-Jul-2017

At home or at the exhibitions, here's the full story behind each panel! ... be sure, we always..

Original 2010 Prestonpans Tapestry Goes to Holyrood: June 22nd/ July 20th23-Jun-2017

Bonnie Prince Charlie's there as Battle Tapestry Opens at Holyrood Scottish Parliament Tapestry ..

Battle Tapestry 1745 off to FIL in Lorient Brittany for August 14-Jun-2017

InterCeltic Festival in Lorient, Brittany to see The Prestonpans Tapestry Third visit to France ..

Tapestry is home again in Prestonpans for the 3 Harbours Festival where it launched in 201406-Jun-2017

Once again 3 Harbours Festival brings pleasure and enjoyment through the arts - June 3rd/ 10th 2017 ..

Sister Prestonpans Tapestry to be exhibited at Scottish Parliament31-May-2017

Holyrood Exhibition for Battle of Prestonpans Tapestry - June 21st/ July 20th 10am/ 5pm exclud..

Rejoice! The stolen Netherlands panel has been returned ....24-May-2017

Stop Press .. as they used to say! And Rejoice! Great news for the Diaspora at large and ou..

Magnificent Diaspora Tapestry comes home to Scotland at St Giles Cathedral on the Royal Mile09-May-2017

Exhibition opens at St Giles Cathedral .. back in Scotland at last! An absolutely delightful a..

Tapestry panel stolen in Edinburgh08-May-2017

A brief statement from the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry team regarding the theft of a panel from St Gi..

Andrew Crummy's Excellent Mount Felix Tapestry goes on display in Walton-on-Thames for ANZAC Day25-Apr-2017

Chance to see a brilliant follow-on tapestry designed by Andrew Crummy in Walton on Thames Mos..

Westminster Calls an Election ... whilst the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry looks on!21-Apr-2017

No surprises then at Westminster ... all in a day's exhibiting by Crown Court Church! It's tru..

Crieff Remembers:with an Exhibition of the Diaspora Tapestry20-Apr-2017

The Scottish Diaspora Tapestry 22nd July - 12th August 2017 11.00am-4.00pm daily, inc. Sund..

3 Harbours Festival to exhibit Diaspora Tapestry once again in The Pans15-Apr-2017

3 Harbours to exhibit all 304 panels designed by Andrew Crummy and stitched across the globe! We..

Diaspora Tapestry Returns first to St Giles Cathedral then Prestonpans31-Mar-2017

Tapestry is 'Coming Home' to Edinburgh and Prestonpans First UK stop for the Diaspora Tapestry..

Westminster Hall Exhibition Welcomes Visitors aplenty27-Mar-2017

Westminster Exhibition continues from Monday March 27th .... Embroiderers and Scots from the Lo..

Back in Britain and London bound...07-Mar-2017

The Tapestry has now returned to Britain and is preparing for exhibition in the spectacular and hist..

Tapestry returns for TLC in Prestonpans and makes ready for Westminster03-Mar-2017

It's been a veritable 'global' tour! Now for Westminster Hall Welcome home Jenny Bruce, Tour D..

Iceland becomes the unexpected 35th country!10-Feb-2017

Mayor's Official Opening of the Iceland Exhibition This was the third of the unexpected exhibi..

100,000 thanks!10-Jan-2017

The Scottish Diaspora Tapestry crosses the 100,000 visitor milestone! We prefer to see our visi..

Ottawa completes North America Tour10-Jan-2017

Scottish Society of Ottawa puts on Grand Finale Under Jenny Bruce's indefatigable direction, t..

What about Iceland?!10-Jan-2017

Iceland Joins the Diaspora Tapestry Nations! Our Diaspora Tapestry began with a target of 25 N..

Montreal's got it all!29-Nov-2016

Tapestry takes over the Gallery and Library! There was always going to be a first time for the ..

Opening in Montreal29-Nov-2016

Every Opening needs a Grand Party and Celebrations and that was certainly happening at The Atwater L..

New Glasgow exhibition opens16-Nov-2016

Right Royal Occasion in New Glasgow as Tapestry Exhibition Opens click on all images to enlarge..

Tapestry heads to the Theatre in Nova Scotia!31-Oct-2016

Town of New Glasgow & St Andrews Society of Pictou County presents the Scottish Diaspora Tapestr..

Prince Edward Island11-Oct-2016

The Tapestry is welcomed by PEI Caledonian Society Chief, Eleanor Boswell, and a host of Dignitaries..

Toronto honours Telford!12-Sep-2016

A Saw Mill in the Family means Scarborough Exhibition Honours Telford! Tapestry tours are f..

Wisconsin welcomes us into the USA!10-Sep-2016

Vaughn Hall provides brilliant setting for only US exhibition of Diaspora Tapestry on this tour! ..

Tapestry heads to the USA!03-Jul-2016

Diaspora Tapestry heads south of the Border to USA after outstanding exhibition in Winnipeg's Legisl..

Winnipeg's a Winner!25-Jun-2016

We arrive in Winnipeg, a fellow Murals Town just like Prestonpans! As the Scottish Diaspora Ta..

Battle of Seven Oaks Bicentenary (Manitoba)19-Jun-2016

It lasted just 15 minutes, not unlike the Battle of Prestonpans! This week marked the 200th ann..

We're off to Winnipeg: 13 June - 3 July09-Jun-2016

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA: 13th June - 3rd July 2016 Hosted now by the Scottish Heritage Council of Manit..

Oh Canada! Tapestry crosses the globe to British Columbia01-Jun-2016

The Tapestry has made its much anticipated landfall in Canada, where it visits Victoria in British C..

Crossing the Oceans24-Apr-2016

The Global Tour of the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry prepares to cross to North America, where it will ..

Off to Otago!10-Apr-2016

The Tapestry crosses over to New Zealand! The Scottish Diaspora Tapestry, which will be on disp..

Success in Sydney!29-Mar-2016

Australia's Tour Reaches Climax in Sydney NSW, then it's off to Dunedin, New Zealand Openi..

We're going to Wangaratta!24-Feb-2016

There was a wee hiatus on the Australian Exhibition Tour and the arts community in Wangaratta ..

Onwards to Albury, NSW18-Feb-2016

Back from Tasmania, the Tapestry opened its 4th Australian Exhibition in Albury NSW on February 3rd ..

Calling Scottish Schools!11-Feb-2016

NEW SCHOOLS' COMPETITION FOR 2016-17! Design Your Own Panel ! In 2016-17 the Scottish ..

Tapestry heads to Hobart11-Jan-2016

Third Australian Tapestry Exhibition opens in Hobart for the New Year (http://www.prestoungran..

Concert Closes Adelaide Exhibition06-Jan-2016

She is Right!" - South Australian Exhibitions welcome 7000 visitors .. New Year beckons with visits ..

Opening in Adelaide10-Dec-2015

The Governor of South Australia Opens the Diaspora Tapestry Exhibition in Adelaide The seco..

Quarantines and strikes, but in Australia at last!18-Nov-2015

The Tapestry team may have had an eventful time getting the exhibition out of Paris, but that was no..

A Date Down Under! 23-Sep-2015

We are delighted to announce the much anticipated tour dates for the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry in A..

Boussy Beckons, and Paris too!15-Sep-2015

The Tapestry prepares to say a fond farewell to Italy and head northwards to France, where the Twinn..

Picinisco Promotions18-Aug-2015

The Tapestry is still enjoying its stay in BARGA at the moment, running there for another week, but ..

The Italian Adventure!14-Aug-2015

The Scottish Diaspora crosses the Alps as it continues to tour Europe, reaching the "most Scottish t..

Calling North America: can you help?11-Jun-2015

We are now putting together the details of the Diaspora Tapestry's touring exhibitions in North Amer..

Warm Welcomes in Veere11-Jun-2015

The British Ambassador joins with the Mayor of Veere to celebrate the Tapestry's arrival in The Neth..

Veere: our second World Premier!20-May-2015

Almost exactly one year on from our World Premier in Prestonpans, we're getting ready for the fi..

Beautiful Bergen25-Mar-2015

The European Tour gets under way with celebrations of Scottish links to Norway, as Bergen hosts ..

Accumulating new panels!02-Mar-2015

Panels continue to arrive from around the world ahead of the European Tour. When they're al..

Bergen Bound!02-Mar-2015

Final preparations are being made for the opening of our European Tour 2015 (/announcements/european..

EUROPEAN TOUR 201525-Feb-2015

The Tapestry Team prepares to launch its most ambitious programme of exhibitions to date! ..

News, views, and haggis balls!29-Jan-2015

The Friends of the Prestonpans Tapestries meet to hear all the latest developments. Our e..

A new Book for a new Year!07-Jan-2015

New book exploring some of the highlights of the Prestonpans tapestries due to launch this month! ..

Musselburgh Museum17-Dec-2014

The Tapestry returns to Scotland for its final Homeland exhibition of 2014, at Musselburgh Museum. ..

It's Corby for Us!22-Nov-2014

Tapestry continues its visit to England by heading to Corby! Following the success of our week ..

Making tracks to Doncaster17-Nov-2014

The Tapestry crosses the Border for the first time! Doncaster is clearly proud of its li..

North to Sutherland!31-Oct-2014

Tapestry hosted by stitchers in Helmsdale. With the striking monument to Scots migrants over..

Looking North!29-Sep-2014

The Tapestry heads to the Highlands for its latest exhibition, in Inverness and Wick. Fro..

Looking pretty good in Paisley!08-Sep-2014

The Tapestry is now open in the stunning setting of Anchor Mill in Paisley. It took..

A Capital Exhibition!07-Aug-2014

The Tapestry reaches Edinburgh and opens with an Explosion of Colour and Sound! The flag..

Spectacular in Stirling25-Jun-2014

The Tapestry looks truly spectacular in Stirling University's MacRobert Arts Centre as it prepares f..

Down Under at The Goth13-Jun-2014

Missed our Prestonpans exhibition? Then pop into The Gothenburg and enjoy some Australian panels..

Curtain's Up!03-Jun-2014

The curtain goes up for The Scottish Diaspora Tapestry's world premiere exhibition! Scotl..

World Premiere: supporting events27-May-2014

We're celebrating our World Premiere at the Three Harbours Arts Festival with a special programme of..

Into the Final Fortnight19-May-2014

As we enter the last two weeks before the World Premier of the Tapestry in Prestonpans (details ..

Looking Forwards13-May-2014

As we start counting down to launch day, we ask ourselves "what are we missing and where are we ..

"Viva a Escócia! Viva o Brasil!”06-May-2014

Brazil Gears Up for World Cup and Diaspora Tapestry A small group of intrepid stitche..

John Muir returns to Dunbar15-Apr-2014

We're bringing the John Muir panels of the Tapestry "home" to Dunbar for the John Muir Festival!..

Finding Friends03-Apr-2014

New "Friends of the Tapestries" group established at The Gothenburg in Prestonpans. It was ..

John Galt returns to Scotland!10-Feb-2014

The latest Canadian panel has been escorted back to Scotland! After travelling nearly..

A Panel's Progress21-Jan-2014

We've been keeping a photo log of "The Old Pretender" panel since work started on it just before..

Sir Geoff in stitches!14-Jan-2014

The "Geoff Palmer" tapestry panel is nearly complete, but there's still time to add the "Sir"! ..

From the Studio07-Jan-2014

As stitchers continue their work across the globe, we thought we'd shine a light on some workers clo..

Culture Secretary visits the studio20-Dec-2013

The Tapestry team welcomes Fiona Hyslop, MSP, to review the project's progress as 2013 draws to ..

Making the news in Guelph22-Nov-2013

Local press announces the progress of our volunteer stitchers in the Canadian city of Guelph. ..

First Canadian panel complete!19-Nov-2013

News just in from Picton, Ontario... Pictured here are some very proud looking stitchers -..

Boisdale Prize on to a Winner!18-Nov-2013

Boisdale Prize competition leads to winning design for the Tapestry. Tapestry designer An..

Corby continues to progress.13-Nov-2013

Corby stitchers host a progress meeting to show off their work! On Thursday 7th November,..

In the News in India13-Nov-2013

Scottish Minister goes on the ground in India, and helps promotes the Diaspora Tapestry! Sc..

Making waves in Hong Kong!18-Oct-2013

Plenty of boats as we watch a panel in Hong Kong as it takes shape! This set of images..

Veere Celebrates Completion!18-Oct-2013

The people of Veere have been busy celebrating the completion of its six tapestry panels! W..

Outlining progress in Corby25-Sep-2013

Corby Highland Games starting to take shape! Here's a sneak preview of Corby's Panel 6 - Th..

Prince Edward Island under way25-Aug-2013

Stitchers in Prince Edward Island officially launch their part in the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry..

Practice Makes Perfect in Alabama22-Aug-2013

Stitchers in Mobile, Alabama are warming up ahead of the arrival of their panels! Membe..

Veere's Scots heritage under threat!13-Aug-2013

The "Scottish Houses" Museum in The Netherlands is faced with the threat of closure. Only days ..

It's Corby For Us!02-Aug-2013

Work gets underway in Corby with the presentation of panel designs Keen readers will already ha..

Work continues in Veere02-Aug-2013

Veere panels are looking great as progress continues apace... The connections between Scotland ..

On the ground: AUSTRALIA18-Jun-2013

After their visit to Beijing, our team then headed over to Australia. Yvonne Murphy continues th..

On the ground: CHINA18-Jun-2013

Yvonne Murphy gives you her account of the team's visit to China: We arrived at the gates o..

What a Week for the Diaspora Tapestry!07-Jun-2013

The Culture Minister heads the line up as the Tapestry hosts its first full exhibition. ..

First Exhibition opening soon!29-May-2013

Prestonpans Community Centre, East Lothian Saturday 1st June - Saturday 8th June (closed Sunday) ..

Homecoming 201404-Apr-2013

Celebrating the official launch of Homecoming 2014... In the spectacular surroundings of Ho..

Sweden arrives in Scotland04-Apr-2013

Sweden returns its completed panels to much acclaim in Prestonpans... Fresh from the..

On the Ground in India (Part I)18-Mar-2013

Our latest Diaspora visit was to New Delhi and Kolkata in India. There have been links between S..

On the Ground in India (Part II)18-Mar-2013

Yvonne Murphy continues her report on the Diaspora team's latest trip into the Scottish Diaspora..

Spreading the word in Lithuania28-Feb-2013

Scottish connections to Lithuania stretch back to the medieval period, so what more appropriate ..

Gurro: soldiers, settlers and Scotch bars!17-Feb-2013

Nestled in the mountains of Piedmont, in the most northerly reaches of Italy, is the small village o..

Eric Liddell continues to Inspire03-Feb-2013

Eric Liddell's daughter expresses support for the Diaspora Tapestry The story of Eric Lidde..

Auld Alliance into Action!23-Jan-2013

There are so many connections between Scotland and France - and between France and Scotland! - t..

"A Wicked Cool Thing!"08-Jan-2013

Whilst we're very proud of what we are doing, we've never dared speak of ourselves in such high ..

Making the News in Sweden08-Jan-2013

Regular readers will know already that considerable progress has been made on our Swedish panels..

Around the World in 60 minutes!06-Dec-2012

Billy Kay explores the Scottish World with an appreciative audience... On Tuesday 4th Decem..

Corby Welcomes Battle Tapestry06-Dec-2012

The Battle of Prestonpans Tapestry visits Corby to ignite enthusiasm for the Diaspora Tapestry! ..

Event: The Scottish World by Billy Kay26-Nov-2012

Billy Kay comes to Prestonpans in support of the Diaspora Tapestry! Writer and broadcaster ..

Taking the Battle to England!19-Nov-2012

Battle of Prestonpans Tapestry ( heads south in support of t..

Gaelic Inspiration31-Oct-2012

Our Gaelic Open Forum on Monday night makes for a promising start! When we decided to ho..

Going Gaelic! Open Forum on 29th October26-Oct-2012

Calling all Gaelic speakers - and all who are interested in the language! The Scottish Dias..

Diaspora in England Gets Clearer04-Oct-2012

The first stage for all the Diaspora panels in the tapestry is trying to get the right stories, ..

On the Ground: CANADA [I]01-Oct-2012

Two members of the Diaspora Tapestry team, Gillian Hart and Yvonne Murphy have just returned fro..

On the Ground: CANADA [II]01-Oct-2012

Part II - Quebec to Nova Scotia QUEBEC In search of ever more Diaspora sto..

On the Ground: CANADA [III]01-Oct-2012

Part III - Manitoba to British Columbia MANITOBA The next stop was in Winnipeg in..

The Diaspora in Merseyside01-Oct-2012

Our thoughts turn to Merseyside thanks to Duncan Sim, and more... Early resea..

Destination: Corby!05-Sep-2012

Corby Sets the Dates for Embroidering its Scottish History: November 25th/30th Cap..

Progress aplenty!21-Aug-2012

There's progress aplenty as the project continues... On the surface it may seem that we have..

The Maple Hill MacDonalds21-Aug-2012

In little over a week's time, members of our team will be on the ground in Canada to tackle one ..

Launch Makes the News!06-Jul-2012

The launch of the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry certainly seems to have caught the attention of the med..

The Tapestry is Officially Launched!02-Jul-2012


Looking for Scots in England25-Jun-2012

Where are the Scots communities in England then? One of the nations we'll inevi..

Tradition meets Technology - QR coding the Tapestry18-Jun-2012

The Scottish Diaspora Tapestry will be QR tagged for easy access to its background stories.. ..

A Day out in Bicester07-Jun-2012

A Day Out in Bicester... Orme Creative in Bicester have masterminded the creation o..

Diaspora Website Launched11-May-2012

This website is at the core of the Diaspora Tapestry project, and we are most grateful for generous ..

Public Launch of the Diaspora Tapestry Project11-May-2012

The Diaspora Tapestry is a project of Prestoungrange Arts Festival in Prestonpans, Chairman Andrew C..