Quarantines and strikes, but in Australia at last!

The Tapestry team may have had an eventful time getting the exhibition out of Paris, but that was nothing compared to getting the Tapestry INTO Australia! A mixture of misfortunes meant that the Tapestry was held up in customs, and great strains had to be exerted by those on the ground to ensure that the Tapestry was able to officially open on Friday 13th November, at an opening laid on by Goolwa’s stitchers. The phrase “better late than never” was never so apt! Leah Grace, pictured left, was an exemplar of patient goodwill at her gallery in Goolwa; and Helmsdale’s Jenny Bruce [right], who is the Tapestry’s Tour Director DownUnder until end April, had her baptism of fire. Here they are smiling – at least for the camera. And Leah holds the final Velcro in readiness to apply!

And of course, Goolwa being a hotbed of the Scottish diaspora, there were plenty of willing helpers to get the artwork on the walls. There was the Mayor on hand to open the exhibition, pictured betwixt with Estelle Farwell and Jenny Bruce, dancers, the Piper of course, Ron Layton from Flinders University, and stitchers from the South Coast Embroiderers Guild … all clearly greatly enjoying the occasion [and the artwork]!

You can see the report in the local press here: http://www.victorharbortimes.com.au/story/3500789/scottish-diaspora-art-on-show/