Tapestry heads to Hobart

11-Jan-2016 Third Australian Tapestry Exhibition opens in Hobart for the New Year

Host Dr Neil McGlashan maximises awareness on the road into Hobart, where the Diaspora Tapestry is now on display at the State Museum and Library, LiNC. This is the third display in Australia after Goolwa and Adelaide held before Christmas in South Australia. It heads for Albury then Sydney, both in New South Wales, when it closes in Hobart before crossing the Tasman Sea to Otago in New Zealand after Easter.

The Opening saw the Deputy Mayor of Hobart Ron Christie [centre] flanked to the left by Chief Archivist Ross Latham and Dr Neil McGlashan, and to the right Tour Director Jenny Bruce and Jenny Rayner Director of LiNC.

Two panels were stitched on the island from the total of 304 as seen below. The full stories behind each of these panels can be found at the Tapestry’s main website linked DIRECTLY HERE

The McNicol Clan was well represented as were stitchers; and the oysters, salmon and mussels present owed much to pioneering Scots migrants!

All were delighted some of the Tasmanian stitchers were at the Opening!

Pictured below are two of the three stitchers who created Alexander Muir & the Scottish Martyrs [AU 02A]. Seen are Lindy Newton & Dr. Helen Cutts; not able to be there was Patricia Hopkins.

The Australian Tour has been well publicised on key websites DownUnder – not least Scottish Banner and the Heritage Council Our thanks to them all!






.. and we are also very especially grateful to Tasmanian Sponsors of the Exhibition listed below