US03 – Merrymeeting Bay

Merrymeeting Bay

Stitchers (Bowdoin, Maine): Cindy McFadden and Dottie McFadden.

Ulster Scots began arriving in Maine with the first great wave of emigration from Ulster Plantation in the north of Ireland to the frontier lands of America in 1718. Ironically, Scots that had endured the troubles created by their settlement at Ulster now became the planned solution for protecting New England from the raids of Native American’s allied with France. The Ulster Scot’s victory at the Siege of Derry/Londonderry had been contemporaneous with some of the worst Indian troubles in New England. The Ulster Scot’s Protestant faith, frontier experience, and reputation for defending their territory were among the reasons for inviting their relocation to America’s “Eastern Frontier.”  One particular area of great concern to Massachusetts investors was the area surrounding the confluence of the Kennebec and Androscoggin Rivers at “Merrymeeting Bay.” This area contained abundant natural resources and was an historic summer meeting place for Wabanaki Indians. The Kennebec River also marked the boundary between lands claimed by Massachusetts and the area sometimes claimed by France. The Ulster Scots’ settlements of Cork and Somersett at Merrymeeting Bay did not survive the near total destruction of the region during the Indian attacks of 1722. Many of the descendants of those first families have remained in the area, however, and are a part of the cultural and historic fabric of Maine. This panel was designed with the help of Brad McFadden, and stitched by family and friends of those descended from the settlers at Merrymeeing Bay. The panel depicts their attempt to settle the lower Kennebec and Androscoggin River valley during the violent time of Lovewell’s War. Archaeological excavation and study of the McFadden home site at Somersett are currently on-going.

US03 Bàgh Merrymeeting: Tighinn Albannach Ulaidh
Thòisich Albannaich Ulaidh a’ tighinn gu Maine ann an 1718. Bha creideamh Pròstanach Albannaich Ulaidh, eòlas aig aghaidh cogaidh, agus an cliù a thaobh dìon an cuid fearainn, am measg nan adhbharan gun deach am brosnachadh gu imrich a dh’Aimeireaga, far am faodadh iad cuideachadh a’ dìon an aghaidh creachadh le Tùsanaich Aimeireaga, aig an robh càirdeas ris an Fhraing. B’ e Bàgh Merrymeeting aon àite a bha na uallach do luchd-tasgaidh Massachusetts. Cha do shoirbhich le tuineachaidhean Albannaich Ulaidh ann an Cork is Somersett anns an sgrios a chaidh a dhèanamh air an sgìre aig àm nan ionnsaighean bho na h-Ìnnseanaich ann an 1722. Tha mòran de shliochd nan ciad teaghlaichean sin air fuireach san sgìre ge-tà, agus tha iad mar phàirt de dh’inneach cultarach is eachdraidheil Maine.