Throughout the Year of Homecoming 2014, the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry will be touring across Scotland, visiting homeland communities.

There will also be a series of major exhibitions featuring the whole Tapestry, details of which will be featured here as they emerge:

31st May - 8th June 2014
PRESTONPANS  - Three Harbours Arts Festival
Prestonpans Community Centre

24th June - 23rd July 2014 (closed Mondays)
STIRLING - MacRobert Centre, Stirling University
here for directions)

6th August - 31st August 2014
EDINBURGH - St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral

6th September - 22nd September 2014
PAISLEY - Anchor Mill

27th September - 25th October 2014
INVERNESS - Museum & Art Gallery
& WICK - St Fergus Gallery

28th October - 9th November 2014
Helmsdale - Community Centre 

13th-21st November 2014 
Doncaster, South Yorkshire  TBC
24th November - 6th December 2014
Corby - Northamptonshire
Homeland Exhibitions:
11th-20th December 2014
Musselburgh Museum - French & Jamaican Panels

Veere, The Netherlands, 30th May-31st July 2015
Barga, Tuscany, August 2015 tbc
Paris, France, October 2015 tbc