NL01 - Princess Mary

In this panel a marriage union serves as a wonderfully symbolic representation of the close ties between Veere and medieval Scotland. In the year 1444, the daughter of King James I of Scotland was married to Wolfert VI of Borselen, Lord of Veere. Wolfert was made Earl of Buchan. Sadly Mary died young, and was buried at the Lord of Veere's seat, Sandenburgh. Veere's coat of arms is shown at the top right of the panel. Across from it are the arms of the Lord of Lauderdale , or "Laterdale", in the Scottish Borders: this title was granted to Paulus of Borselen, Wolfert's cousin. Paulus named a brick house on Wijngaardstraat in Veere after his new lordship.

The marriage of Wolfert and Mary proved a major stimulus for trade, and Veere was made the Scottish staple port - meaning it was the key trade hub for Scottish good destined for Europe. The staple had previously been held by Bruges. At the bottom of the panel are named some of the Royal Burghs of Scotland who traded through Veere, with their ancient spelling preserved: Pettinweem (Pittenweem), Dunfermling (Dunfermline), Bruntyland (Burntisland), Arbroth (Arbroath), Elgin, Carraill (Crail), Kinghorn, Innerness (Inverness), Brechin, Kirkaldy (Kirkcaldy).

The stitchers of this panel have left their tags in the bottom corners.

 NL01 A’ Bhana-phrionnsa Màiri
Chaidh na ceanglaichean dlùth eadar Veere angus Alba nam meadhan-aoisean a phiobrachadh ann an 1444, nuair a phòs a’ Bhana-phrionnsa Màiri, nighean Sheumais 1 Alba, Wolfert VI à Borselen, Morair Veere. Thugadh an tiotal Iarla Bhùchainn do Wolfert. Bhàsaich Màiri nuair a bha i òg agus chaidh a tiodhlacadh ann an Sandenburgh, suidheachan a fir-pòsta. Bha am pòsadh na phrìomh bhrosnachadh airson malairt agus chaidh Veere a dhèanamh na phrìomh phort do dh’Alba – a’ ciallachadh gur e am prìomh mhòrionad airson bathar Albannach a’ dol don Roinn Eòrpa. B’ àbhaist gur h-e Bruges am prìomh phort aig aon àm. Bha a leithid sin de dh’inbhe a’ tarraing, chan e a-mhain saidhbhreas do Veere, ach coimhearsnachd ùr fhollaiseach de luchdmalairt Albannach.