This website is at the core of the Diaspora Tapestry project, and we are most grateful for generous support from the Scottish Government’s Diaspora Division.

It will provide comprehensive helping/ sharing/ progress reports of all our Diaspora artwork creation as it takes  place across the globe:

[i] Individual Diaspora & Homeland Blogs, [ii] the ‘All Stitchers Exclusive’ Moderated Forum, and [iii] the ‘Open’ Subscribers News Reports.

As the historical analyses underlying each panel and the designs of those panels emerge, they will become part of the permanent archive of the project. That archive will be accessible once the tapestry is completed via the QR tags attached to each cohort as well as providing the database for printed books, DVDs and audio guides. Exhibition dates will be announced and successes recorded. Educational processes and outcomes will be reported and described.

WebMasters are Gordon Prestoungrange, who mastered the Battle of Prestonpans Tapestry website, and Arran Johnston, with structure and design by Orme Creative.

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