Billy Kay explores the Scottish World with an appreciative audience…

On Tuesday 4th December writer and broadcaster Billy Kay led two events in Prestonpans in support of the Diaspora Tapestry project, giving audiences an opportunity to discover the breadth of Scottish influence across the globe. He began the day by visiting Preston Lodge High School before going on to The Gothenburg for a public talk in the evening. Billy took his audience on a tour across Europe, Africa and North America as he revealed tantalising glimpses of what Scottish travellers – be they merchants or mercenaries, missionaries or migrants – have been getting up to over the centuries.

Billy’s case-studies were supported by audio recordings, interviews with the descendants of the international Scots, which provided striking and sometimes moving evidence of how important connections to the old mother country still remain across the Diaspora. Billy’s extensive research and travel experience also threw up plenty of entertaining anecdotes to intersperse amongst his stories!

As a backdrop to Billy’s talk, visitors were able to get a glimpse of the first few panels of the Tapestry itself – our logo panel, one from Barga, and one from Gothenburg.

Both talks were warmly received and the project team once more extends its thanks to Billy for his continuing support of our efforts. We are also grateful to the Scottish Books Trust for joint-funding the visit through their Live Literature Fund.

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