Veere panels are looking great as progress continues apace…

The connections between Scotland and the trading port of Veere in the south-west of The Netherlands date back to the town’s days as the staple-port for Scottish wool. This highly sought after trade right created a mutually beneficial environment for the import of Scottish wool, and soon Scottish traders were establishing themselves permanently in Veere. There’s more information on the community page. The relationship may have ended with the Napoleonic Wars, when most of the Scots in town were forced to return to their homeland, but it has not been forgotten!

On the waterfront, two impressive “Scottish Houses” in the former Scottish community of Veere are now a museum exploring the significance of the links to Scotland. We therefore had little difficulty in finding eager volunteers to work with us to tell Veere’s story in the Diaspora Tapestry! They’ve been busy all summer on their panels, and we must say they’re looking great in this latest photograph showing their progress.

The Veere Stitchers
Back row: Anneke van der Vossen, Tineke Nieuwenhuyse, Riek Looij
Middle row: Ineke van der Gruiter, Ellen Rijkse, Ilse Loos, Diny Louwerse, Sylvia van Dam Merrett
Front row: Leintje van Belzen, Maxi Joustra, Machlien Neve, Els Bisschop

The Stitchers in Veere have not only been stitching, however. They’ve been busy promoting their activities too! All the way back in April they were securing local press coverage for their involvement with the Tapestry (see cutting below), and they even got the Mayor to add the first stitches to one of the panels (see video here)… Now they have been in touch to say that they’re planning an exciting event to celebrate the final stitches going in. We’ll be sure to report it all here!

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