The “Scottish Houses” Museum in The Netherlands is faced with the threat of closure.

Only days after we reported on the brilliant progress of our stitchers in Veere, word reached the newspapers of a closure threat to the museum dedicated to the very heritage the Diaspora Tapestry is trying to preserve!

You can read the full article in the Daily Record here.

Volunteers at the museum which tells the story of Scotland’s strong connections to the town of Veere, housed in two Scots merchant’s dwellings of the sixteenth century, are running a campaign to keep it open in the face of budget cuts. The Dutch government has listed the museum amongst 33 other sites they would like to sell off.

But the volunteers are determined to take action, launching a scheme for supporters to sponsor stones in the building from as little as ten euros. You can find out more on the museum’s website here.

We hope that, just as the volunteers in the museum are helping us to promote the importance of the Scots-Veere connections, wider awareness of those links will be increased by Veere’s part in the Diaspora Tapestry. Let us hope that strengthens their hands as they fight to keep this heritage asset accessible for future generations!

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