As stitchers continue their work across the globe, we thought we’d shine a light on some workers closer to home!

At our studio in Cockenzie, East Lothian, there is a busy team working behind the scenes blocking and mounting the completed panels as they return to us. We thought you should meet some of them…

Above are (left to right):
Sarah McCabe, Margaret Ferguson Burns, Doris Thomson, Christina Moffat, and Sheila Baird
They are showing off the completed panels from Sweden, Florida, the Netherlands, and England

And our volunteers have to work fast! No sooner have they prepared one set of panels then more arrive!

Here you can see Gill Lindsay with her husband and sister, bringing in the first completed panel from England, Corby’s Home and a Job panel.

Reverse diaspora in action! Above are Christina Sundin Coli and Barbro Wright, bringing us the Colin Campbell panel, the final Swedish panel and the only one of the set to be stitched here in Scotland.

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