The “Geoff Palmer” tapestry panel is nearly complete, but there’s still time to add the “Sir”!

 Some of you may recall that when we hosted Fiona Hyslop MSP and news crews from both the BBC and STV, Geoff Palmer also came along and proved a big hit with the reporters (left) discussing Scottish influences in Jamaica.

As Scotland’s first black professor, our team had long since been in contact with Geoff and had decided to include a panel in the Tapestry representing his story. It was wonderful to see the drawn panel and the professor side by side at our media event.

The Geoffrey Palmer panel is being stitched by his daughter Susie (below), and over the festive period she’s clearly been making great progress.

Then the New Year brought exciting news: Professor Palmer was to become Sir Geoff! What good fortune, then, that his name had not yet been stitched onto the panel – and that there’s room to add in this new honour!

Sir Geoff Palmer is also a Freeman of Midlothian, and is widely acknowledged for not only his academic work but also his commitment to human rights and equality in the community. We’re delighted to hear of his knighthood, and look forward to receiving the completed panel in the very near future!

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